Beyond the Try Line: Unveiling the NRL's Fastest Man - Inside the Ring at Revesby Workers' Club for a 'Parmie and a Beer'

  • Sport
  • Tuesday, 14 November 2023 15:31

In the intimate setting of Revesby Workers' Club, Jason Saab, the speedster of NRL fame, is set to embark on his professional boxing debut, captivating a modest audience with a blend of athleticism and curiosity. Despite the seemingly incongruent nature of a star player risking it all in the ring during pre-season for a nominal financial return, Manly's decision to permit Saab's venture into boxing raises eyebrows. With the stakes high and rewards scant, the question lingers: why allow a prized asset to trade blows when the benefits appear elusive?

Scheduled to face the enigmatic Kusitino Sireli on December 9, Saab's decision to step into the ring transcends the allure of cash or prestige. In a moment of humor, Saab jests about expecting nothing more than a chicken parmie and a beer post-fight. Originally slated for a bout, potentially against former teammate Zac Lomax, on a card organized by No Limit—the promoters steering the career of Tim Tszyu—Saab willingly embraced the opportunity to perform in a more intimate setting.

For the fleet-footed 23-year-old winger, the venture into boxing serves a purpose beyond financial gains. Saab, acknowledging his occasional lapse in physicality on the rugby field, views boxing training as a conduit to unlocking his full potential. Reflecting on the impact of his training sessions, he notes a heightened physicality during weeks of pugilistic preparation. The decision to enter the uncomfortable realm of boxing is not fueled by monetary aspirations but rather a desire to challenge his character and fortitude.

"I'm not making $20-$30k; it's about testing myself as a person, testing my character to see what I'm really made of. I want to see how it transfers to my footy season when it comes to being physical and contact, being aggressive. It's just to test myself and improve," Saab asserts.

In this unexpected foray into the boxing arena, Saab seeks not just to entertain a local audience but to undergo a personal trial, pushing the boundaries of his physical and mental resilience, with an eye toward enhancing his on-field prowess when the NRL season kicks in.

"In conclusion, Jason Saab's unconventional journey into the boxing ring at Revesby Workers' Club goes beyond the confines of traditional pre-season preparations. While the financial incentives may be minimal and the risks considerable, Saab's decision to test his mettle in front of a modest audience is driven by a deeper motivation. Beyond the allure of a chicken parmie and a beer post-fight, the 23-year-old speedster sees boxing not as a mere spectacle but as a means to enhance his physicality and aggression on the rugby field.

Choosing the path less traveled, Saab embraces the challenge not for the monetary rewards but as a personal quest to push his limits and unearth his true character. With the spotlight on a local stage, his foray into the boxing realm becomes a symbolic representation of self-discovery and improvement. As Saab steps into the ring against the unknown on December 9, he ventures into an uncomfortable space, driven by a relentless pursuit of personal growth that extends far beyond the boundaries of the squared circle and promises to leave a lasting impact on his journey both inside and outside the rugby arena."