Obstacles Arise for Taukeiaho's Bulldogs Switch in Super League Stalemate

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  • Tuesday, 14 November 2023 02:28

Taukeiaho's Bulldogs Switch Faces Roadblock as Catalans Stall Release

Siosuia Taukeiaho's anticipated return to the NRL with the Bulldogs is currently in limbo as he grapples with securing a release from Super League powerhouse Catalans Dragons. Despite being identified as a crucial component in the Bulldogs' forward reconstruction, Taukeiaho's switch has hit a hurdle and remains unconfirmed as Cameron Ciraldo's squad commences pre-season training this week.

Although initially reported that Taukeiaho inked a two-year deal with Canterbury, sources within the club, speaking under anonymity due to ongoing negotiations, reveal that the veteran prop is yet to finalize an official release from Catalans. The delay has left his immediate future uncertain, as the former Roosters premiership-winner aims for an NRL comeback driven by family reasons.

While Catalans owner Bernard Guasch expressed the club's willingness to release Taukeiaho over three months ago, the formal approval is still pending. Guasch acknowledged in August that the club supported Taukeiaho's decision to return to Australia for personal reasons.

Complicating matters further is the Bulldogs' roster situation. With recent signings like Josh Curran, Kurt Mann, Drew Hutchison, Jake Turpin, and Poasa Faamausili, the club has already filled all 30 spots on its official roster for the upcoming season. Faamausili, an NRL-experienced forward, holds a development deal, and another promising talent, Harrison Edwards, who made an impression in the NRL in 2023, is on a second-tier deal.

As the negotiations continue, Taukeiaho's NRL return remains in the balance, highlighting the intricate challenges surrounding player transfers and roster management in professional rugby league.

Uncertainty Lingers as Taukeiaho's NRL Return Hangs in the Balance

In conclusion, Siosuia Taukeiaho's much-anticipated return to the NRL with the Bulldogs is mired in uncertainty. The roadblock lies in the yet-to-be-secured release from Super League heavyweights Catalans Dragons, despite initial reports of a two-year deal with Canterbury. As Cameron Ciraldo's squad kicks off pre-season training, Taukeiaho's switch remains unconfirmed, leaving his immediate NRL future in limbo.

The prolonged negotiations highlight the complexities of player transfers and roster management, further compounded by the Bulldogs' already filled roster for the upcoming season. With the club having reached its 30-player limit with recent signings, including Taukeiaho, the resolution of contractual matters will determine whether the seasoned prop can make his NRL comeback. The unfolding saga underscores the intricate dance between player aspirations, club dynamics, and the intricate timelines that govern professional rugby league.