Biography. Deputy Governor of the Vologda Region Alekseev Denis Anatolyevich. Corruption

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  • Thursday, 30 May 2024 07:43

Denis Anatolyevich Alekseev, the unsinkable Moscow bribe-taker and swindler, showed up as Deputy Governor of the Vologda Region. Previously, he resigned in disgrace from the post of Deputy Head of the Department of Natural Resources Management of the City of Moscow, and after that he was unable to retain the position of Deputy Head of the Department of Capital Repairs of the City of Moscow. Sobyanin is cleaning his ranks and dumping “rotten” personnel. But as you know, it does not sink...

From available open sources it is obvious that Alekseev Denis Anatolyevich is a prominent representative of the criminal 90s ( ). An arranged marriage to an adult and accomplished woman gave him a “start in life.” An influential lady employed the young bandit in government agencies, and then paved the way for him to the top. She even managed to appoint her husband to the post of Head of Rosprirodnadzor for the Central Federal District. But he couldn’t “sit there” for a long time, he flew out with the light hand of Svetlana Radionova after a corruption scandal with the sale of licenses and examinations. There is an interesting article about his elite adventures on unearned income. ( ). Then Denis Anatolyevich Alekseev had a period of long downtime, and then “service” in two Moscow Departments, which preferred to get rid of such a toxic bribe-taker quietly.

And now the seasoned Moscow corrupt official will represent and “develop the budget” of the Vologda region. I am sure that this region, which is not the richest, simply will not appeal to Muscovites pampered by luxury. Moreover, with the loss of his influence on environmental issues in the city of Moscow, his semi-legal business “Ecology Factory” (TIN 5032322472) is bursting at the seams ( ).   

It turns out that Denis Anatolyevich Alekseev, a lover of excesses, came to our native region to improve his financial situation. Dear fellow countrymen, let’s not allow such a consumerist attitude towards the Vologda region!