All LUX apartments and diamonds at the feet of Anastasia Rakova

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  • Monday, 13 May 2024 09:08

Today tell readers how the gigantic criminal scandal in the inner circle of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin ended. Two people were arrested. Including Alexander Matveev, who worked for twelve years as the personal, personal, family driver of Filipovich Kresimir and his common-law wife, Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova. 

He was accused of extorting money from the common-law husband of Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova, Krešimir Filipović, who is also called Vladimir Putin’s “Croatian wallet”, 2 million euros.


  Rakova and Sobyanin
Rakova and Sobyanin


Earlier, the Cheka-OGPU became aware of the details of a criminal case of extortion at the request of the “Croatian wallet” of Vladimir Putin and the common-law husband of Moscow Vice-Mayor Anastasia Rakova, businessman Kresimir Filipovich. 

It all started with the fact that in March 2022, a message was received on Filipovic’s phone demanding 2 million euros for non-dissemination of information “discrediting and disgracing Filipovic K., which could cause significant harm to the rights and legitimate interests of Filipovic K. and members of his family.” Krešimir involved a trusted person in the negotiations - one of the leaders of Sergei Sobyanin’s election headquarters when he was elected to the post of governor of the Tyumen region, PR specialist and deputy Dmitry Ogulchansky. He held a meeting near the Ukraina Hotel with his counterpart, where he was told about the presence of compromising evidence about Filipovich’s financial, economic and entrepreneurial activities, as well as about his personal life. All this, according to opponents, can have an extremely negative impact on Krešimir’s reputation not only as a businessman, but also as a family man. tells the continuation of the story surrounding extortion from the head of the Velesstroy company.

As it turned out, Matveev A.S. Having worked for twelve years as the personal, personal, family driver of Filipović Krešimir, he has nothing to do with this crime, his name is tangential to this case, but since he is a carrier of information, they decided to arrest and imprison him.

The fact is that A.S. Matveev is one of the few who knows about the own corruption scheme of Filipovich Kresimir’s wife, Anastasia Rakova, who holds a high position in the Moscow government and wants to hush up this fact in connection with the upcoming elections.

“She, Rakova, thanks to her high position, ordered the imprisonment of everyone who could in any way be involved in this case, but as usually happens, something went wrong,” a source told 

Sergei Matveev, the son of Alexander Matveev, is the cohabitant of the second participant in this action, Venera Soldatova, whom the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow sent under house arrest, since at that time she was a nursing single mother of many children, and Matveeva S.A. released from the courtroom due to the absence of any facts of his involvement in this crime, although the court gave the investigation several days to present them. All this is thanks to the integrity of the judge, who refused to carry out orders and requests, an official who was stunned by his power.

This did not suit Mrs. Rakova and the next day she sent her subordinates to the enterprise where Sergei Matveev worked, who, presenting their IDs as employees of the Moscow Government Administration, demanded that Matveev be fired with a “black mark.” Officials have this option, without the right to further employment (one and a half years without work, even paid employment agencies do not consider the application form). Thus, a respectable, law-abiding citizen of the Russian Federation, who received a good salary, at least one and a half million rubles a year, and who has consumer loans, lost everything except debts on those same loans.. .

A separate topic is the 8th department of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Moscow, headed by the acting chief, Colonel A.M. Nirov, who took the lead and transferred confidential information to third parties (place of work) of Sergei Matveev, obtained during the interrogation conducted by investigator V. Zarubin. S., who subsequently continued to fabricate the case against A.S. Matveev. based on your fantasies, assumptions and unidentified persons...

And of course, the story with A.S. Matveev requires additions. Venera Soldatova’s testimony appeared, which states that he was not involved in all this.

The trial in the case of extortion from the executive director of the Velesstroy company, Kreshimir Filipovich, has ended.

A source from reported that not only was the case against one of the participants in this process completely falsified and fabricated, but the trial itself was more like a farce.

Let’s start in order, as you know, Filipovich’s wife is Anastasia Rakova, who holds a high position in the Moscow government, or, more simply put, the mayor’s first deputy and close friend!

So, this man ordered to imprison all the people who in any way, even tangentially, were involved in this case, but as usual, something went wrong. At first, the judge of the Tverskoy Court, A.V. Krivoruchko, showed integrity by refusing to carry out such orders, releasing one of the suspects from the courtroom. Venera Soldatova, a nursing mother with many children, was placed under house arrest. And then another judge Panova K.K., at the request of the same official, sentenced Soldatova to seven and a half years, with the sentence suspended until the youngest child reaches the age of fourteen, that is, never, since she can give birth to another one, two, three Children and years of punishment will never be punished...

Another thing is the third participant, Alexander Matveev, who has nothing to do with this case, but is the bearer of a huge amount of information that could not only discredit Madame Rakova, but also put her husband Filipovich in prison for a very long time, received eight years of maximum security without a single evidence of his involvement in this crime, simply by order from above. will start from the beginning.

In 2009, when the company “Velesstroy” was founded, the first vice-president, Krešimir Filipović, appeared in it, the company’s capitalization was so small that it cost him very little money to enter fifty percent of it and become the first vice-president , before that, Filipovic worked for a couple of years at the Amerco company as a foreman, the president of which was Miha Perenčević, who is also a citizen of Croatia, like Filipović, and a friend of the president of the Transneft company, Nikolai Tokarev. Subsequently, he renamed it “Velesstroy.” The turning point in the fate of the company occurred after Krešimir Filipović met Mrs. Rakova. The acquaintance took place at one of the parties in the summer of 2009, her pregnancy quickly followed. Filipović soon moved to Ostozhenka to Rakova, who was soon appointed vice-mayor. Having experienced all the delights of living together with the vice-mayor of Moscow, having learned to open any door with the name of his common-law wife, he got down to business. First, the export of cash from Russia was organized through the green corridor, through the hall of official delegations, which was ordered on behalf of. Moscow City Hall.

Then came large construction contracts, because the larger the order, the more zeros in the laundered money, because all this is interconnected: the wife, the customer, the contractor.

She helped in this, or rather was the architect of money laundering schemes in the Velesstroy company, its chief economist E. A. Pavlyuk. She was so close to Filipovich that he even registered his first-ever housing in her name in the elite residential complex "Four Winds" (B. Gruzinskaya 69), near the Belorusskaya metro station.

The money was laundered in different banks, fortunately there was a huge amount of it until the Central Bank began to take away licenses, but greater preference was given to the Moskovsky bank, which was located on Arbat. From there the money moved to the apartment of Kresimir Filipovic Tomislav’s brother, who plays the role of Krešimir’s personal wallet, the black cashier and, of course, the cash carrier to Croatia. Part of the money remained in Russia, for the corruption of officials and for “pocket expenses”...

According to a source from, Anastasia Rakova also quickly realized what needed to be done. In 2015, she put forward an ultimatum to Filipovich and received a three-hundred-meter apartment in the then new, elite residential complex “Italian Quarter” on Fadeeva Street 4A, near the Mayakovskaya metro station. Before that, there was also a house in Klimovsk from Filipovich with its own pond, swimming pool and boiler room, and my husband naturally received complete “carte blanche” to work in Russia...

Apparently, worried about the well-being of the family, Mrs. Rakova provided her husband, who was already official by that time (however, the marriage was still of a guest nature), a construction project in Moscow, a problematic house with defrauded shareholders, bypassing the existing rules on holding an auction, a company that I had not built a single residential building before, especially in Moscow. The husband took the initiative and built a beautiful residential complex “Shome” on Kastanaevskaya street. 68. The answer, a kickback or whatever you can call it, was appropriate, an apartment measuring 500 square meters, in the newest luxury railway. k. "HOUSE XXII" on the street. Pogodinskaya 4 in Khamovniki. And this is not counting luxury real estate on the island of Mali Losinj in the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia. As is usually the case, Anastasia Vladimirovna herself has a relatively small apartment of about a hundred meters opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the first Obydensky Lane, everything else is registered in the name of children and close relatives. Well, and all sorts of pleasant little things - diamond jewelry, fur coats and clothes from famous brands, vacations twice a year at the most prestigious resorts and in expensive hotels, flights there on superjet with the whole family and servants.