Resilience in Ink: Lisa Gorman's Second Act Unfolds on Paper

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  • Tuesday, 07 November 2023 10:23

Designing a New Chapter: Lisa Gorman's Colorful Leap into Kikki.K's World

In a surprising departure from her renowned affinity for vibrant prints, Lisa Gorman dons neutrals, prompting speculation about a shift in her design aesthetic. However, Gorman, celebrated for her whimsical creations, quickly dispels any concerns about a departure from color. "Color is super important to me," she reassures, emphasizing her enduring commitment to hues that pop.

Our rendezvous takes place at Chadstone shopping center in Melbourne, where Gorman, at 52, unveils the revamped store design for stationery brand Kikki.K, where she now holds the reins as creative director. The store's former monochrome palette gives way to green flooring, a tangible reflection of Gorman's influence. Her inaugural collection, slated for a February debut, remains shrouded in mystery, but she hints at a vibe—joyous, sophisticated, and decidedly more print-rich. However, she is quick to clarify that this isn't Gorman 2.0; it's a distinct venture fueled by the allure of crafting something new within the Kikki.K realm.

Gorman's foray into the stationery domain follows her departure from the eponymous Gorman brand in the spring of 2021. Peter Lew, owner of Kikki.K under Brandbank, had been courting her for the creative director role. Initially inclined toward a complete brand refresh, Gorman gradually embraced the nostalgia and heritage embedded in Kikki.K's legacy, steering away from an overhaul. Founded in 2001 by Swedish-born Kristina "Kikki" Karlsson, the brand found itself under new ownership after a voluntary administration two years ago.

As Gorman takes the helm, her respect for Kikki.K's established foundation suggests an exciting blend of tradition and innovation. For avid fans of Kikki.K's iconic notepads, pens, and paper-centric products, Gorman's entrance promises a continuation of the brand's cherished legacy. The fusion of Gorman's vibrant creativity with Kikki.K's enduring charm hints at a colorful chapter in the brand's evolution—one that loyal patrons eagerly anticipate.

A Kaleidoscope of Creativity: Lisa Gorman's Vibrant Stint with Kikki.K

In the heart of Lisa Gorman's creative journey, a new chapter unfolds at Kikki.K, signaling a departure from her renowned fashion brand and an embrace of stationery design. The neutrals she wears today might suggest a subtle shift, but her assurance that color remains pivotal in her creative realm provides a reassuring nod to her vibrant design roots.

Championing her role as creative director at Kikki.K, Gorman showcases her influence through a revitalized store design at Melbourne's Chadstone shopping center. Green flooring replaces the monochrome backdrop, offering a tangible manifestation of her imprint. The anticipation surrounding her inaugural collection, slated for a February release, teases a blend of joy, sophistication, and an enhanced embrace of prints—a testament to her enduring love for color.

Not merely a reiteration of Gorman's past ventures, this Kikki.K venture is a distinct pursuit, driven by the allure of crafting something novel within the stationery landscape. As she navigates the legacy of Kikki.K, a brand synonymous with notepads, pens, and paper products, Gorman's journey unfolds against a backdrop of nostalgia and heritage. A departure from her initial inclination toward a complete brand refresh, Gorman now champions the fusion of tradition and innovation.

For the steadfast patrons of Kikki.K, Gorman's stewardship promises a continuation of the brand's cherished legacy. The alliance of her vibrant creativity with Kikki.K's enduring charm sets the stage for a colorful evolution—one eagerly awaited by loyal fans. As Lisa Gorman weaves her vibrant tapestry into the fabric of Kikki.K, a kaleidoscope of creativity awaits, promising a future where stationery design resonates with a harmonious blend of tradition and the vivacious spirit for which Gorman is celebrated.