Radio Royalty: Kyle and Jackie O Ink Historic 10-Year Deal, Elevating Breakfast Show to National Heights

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  • Wednesday, 22 November 2023 21:50

In a groundbreaking move that has sent shockwaves through the airwaves, radio power duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie "O" Henderson have officially inked a monumental 10-year deal with KIIS FM, reportedly valued at a staggering $200 million. This lucrative contract secures their reign on the airwaves until 2034, promising not only a base salary but also a lucrative revenue-sharing arrangement.

The dynamic duo, hosts of the immensely popular "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," are set to rake in an impressive $10 million each annually, solidifying their status as the reigning royalty of morning radio. Notably, this landmark deal marks the show's expansion into Melbourne from the coming year, marking a significant milestone for KIIS FM.

The announcement unfolded in characteristic style on Wednesday morning as Sandilands, with flair, declared, "Jackie and I have resigned." A quick correction from Henderson followed, injecting a touch of humor into the monumental moment. Sandilands, with his signature wit, quipped, "Oh, re-signed. They didn’t put a hyphen in there."

Expressing their unwavering commitment to the network, Henderson stated, "We love working here; we really wanted to stay with this network." Sandilands echoed the sentiment, praising the network's dedication to crafting exceptional radio. "This is run like a real radio station," he asserted. "It’s all about making great radio first, not just about making money. Well, for me, it’s about making money."

The news was not confined to the studio, as publicly listed company ARN Media, owner of the KIIS and Gold networks, disclosed the extension of the contract with Melbourne's top-rated FM breakfast radio presenter, Christian O’Connell, for an additional five years. This strategic move cements ARN Media's commitment to dominating the airwaves and solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the competitive world of radio broadcasting.

As the ink dries on the historic 10-year deal between Kyle Sandilands, Jackie "O" Henderson, and KIIS FM, the radio landscape is poised for a decade of unparalleled entertainment. The staggering $200 million agreement not only secures the dynamic duo's presence on the airwaves until 2034 but also establishes them as the reigning monarchs of morning radio with an annual earning of $10 million each.

The expansion of "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" into Melbourne heralds a new era for the popular program, promising to captivate audiences beyond its traditional base. The banter and camaraderie between Sandilands and Henderson, evident even in the announcement, underscore the enduring appeal that has made them fixtures in the hearts of listeners.

The commitment to staying with the network is more than a contractual formality; it reflects a genuine appreciation for a broadcasting environment that prioritizes the art of crafting exceptional radio. Sandilands' playful acknowledgment that, for him, it's about making money adds a touch of humor to the serious business of dominating the airwaves.

ARN Media's strategic move to also extend the contract with Melbourne's top-rated FM breakfast radio presenter, Christian O’Connell, reinforces their commitment to radio excellence. The stage is set for a formidable lineup, ensuring that ARN Media continues to be a powerhouse in the competitive world of radio broadcasting.

As the curtain rises on this new chapter, radio enthusiasts can anticipate a decade of laughter, entertainment, and undoubtedly, a few unexpected twists from the incomparable duo of Kyle and Jackie O, leaving an indelible mark on the airwaves. The morning radio landscape has been reshaped, and the resonance of this deal will undoubtedly be felt far beyond the frequencies it occupies.