Harmonizing Heritage: The Opera Unveiling the Musical Tales of Sydney Commuters at Mortuary Station

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  • Tuesday, 21 November 2023 03:36

"Harmonizing the Commute: Track Works Opera Takes Center Stage at Sydney's Mortuary Station"

For weary commuters navigating Sydney's rail system, the daily train journey often unfolds as a saga of operatic proportions. Drawing inspiration from the highs and lows of public transport, two opera enthusiasts and former students at NIDA, Thomas De Angelis and Clemence Williams, have given life to the opera "Track Works," set to debut at Mortuary Station.

Taking place in a train station backdrop, the opera unfolds the tales of Opal card-wielding schoolgirls, the station master, a homeless person, and a city lawyer, grappling with the familiar challenges of delays, cancellations, squeaky brakes, and the iconic three-tone alarm signaling crucial announcements. De Angelis notes, "You'll recognize the characters you see on the platform, and then you will recognize them again when you get on the train home after the show."

The creative duo has intricately woven arias from renowned operas like Puccini's Madama Butterfly, La Boheme, Verdi's La Traviata, and Rossini's The Barber of Seville into the narrative of five commuters, capturing both the struggles and occasional joys of the daily grind. Described as the "Mamma Mia! of operas," it promises a jukebox opera with recognizable arias grounded in the relatable realm of contemporary commuting.

De Angelis and Williams, who previously collaborated on the innovative "Chamber Pot Opera," which transformed public toilets into unconventional opera venues across the city, have now crafted a sequel. This new venture, "Track Works," not only introduces a fresh storyline but also serves as an inviting gateway for a new audience to experience the allure of opera. Williams, a classically trained singer from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, expresses their journey of evolving ideas, stating, "Six seasons later we have put that idea to bed and come up with a sequel and a brand-new story as a way to welcome a whole new audience to opera." As Mortuary Station becomes the stage for this operatic spectacle, Sydney's commuters can anticipate an artistic fusion of the familiar and the extraordinary, turning their daily trek into a captivating performance.

"As 'Track Works' takes its captivating opera to the stage of Mortuary Station, the symphony of daily commuting in Sydney transforms into a theatrical masterpiece. Thomas De Angelis and Clemence Williams, the creative minds behind this operatic venture, ingeniously blend the recognizable struggles of everyday public transport with the timeless arias of classic operas. This harmonious fusion, described as the 'Mamma Mia! of operas,' not only promises an engaging musical experience but also serves as a welcoming entry point for a new audience to embrace the world of opera.

Having previously enchanted audiences with the unconventional 'Chamber Pot Opera,' De Angelis and Williams embark on a new chapter, presenting 'Track Works' as both a sequel and an innovative narrative. The operatic tales of Opal card-wielding schoolgirls, a station master, a homeless person, and a city lawyer unfold against the familiar backdrop of train delays and announcements, bridging the gap between the operatic realm and the mundane reality of daily commuting.

As the curtains rise at Mortuary Station, Sydney's commuters can anticipate more than just a musical performance; they are in for an immersive journey that transforms their routine into a theatrical experience. 'Track Works' not only breathes new life into the opera scene but also beckons a diverse audience to appreciate the enchanting blend of familiar narratives and timeless melodies. With this operatic endeavor, the creators aim not just to entertain but to extend a welcoming invitation, ensuring that the magic of opera resonates with both seasoned enthusiasts and those stepping into this artistic realm for the first time."