Down Under Investments: Australian Super Funds Set to Inject Billions into UK Infrastructure

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  • Monday, 27 November 2023 08:14

"Down Under Dollars Flow: Australian Super Funds to Inject Nearly $20 Billion into UK Infrastructure"

In a significant move, IFM Investors, the Australian super funds-owned infrastructure specialist, is poised to channel almost $20 billion into Britain over the next four years. As one of the world's largest pension fund managers based in Melbourne, IFM Investors has been a key player in British infrastructure investment for nearly two decades. The group currently owns or holds stakes in a robust £5 billion ($9.57 billion) portfolio, including major assets such as Manchester and Stansted airports, Anglian Water, and the M6 toll road.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to unveil this strategic partnership on Monday, unveiling £29.5 billion of new investment at the Global Investment Summit held at Hampton Court Palace in southwest London. The collaboration involves IFM signing an agreement with the UK’s Department for Business and Trade, aiming to identify commercially viable opportunities for investment. Potential projects in the pipeline include Nala Renewables, a UK-based portfolio company actively seeking investments to reach a renewable capacity target of four gigawatts by 2025.

While IFM Investors has been a longstanding player in the UK infrastructure scene, the recent agreement signifies a renewed appetite among Australian super funds to invest in the UK market. With about $217 billion in assets, IFM Investors CEO David Neal highlights the growing presence of Australian super funds in the UK market. The Australian pension system, currently valued at around $3.5 trillion, is expected to burgeon to approximately $9 trillion by 2040.

Despite previous reservations about investing in new UK infrastructure due to uncertainties caused by government dysfunction and inefficient planning processes, IFM Investors sees potential in the UK market. The agreement reflects a broader understanding of policy priorities, with a focus on driving investment into large-scale infrastructure and energy transition projects across equity and debt funding.

IFM Investors Chief Executive David Neal emphasizes the necessity of partnerships between governments and long-term investors to unlock the potential of pension funds, particularly in addressing system-level risks like climate change. As the Australian pension system continues to grow, the collaboration sets the stage for increased capital deployment in aligned economies, marking a new chapter in the evolving landscape of global infrastructure investment.

"From Down Under to London: IFM Investors, Backed by 19 Australian Pension Funds, Deepens UK Roots"

IFM Investors, backed by a consortium of 19 Australian industry-wide pension funds, first established its London office in 2006 and has since steadily expanded its footprint in the UK. The growth encompasses diverse investments in both infrastructure equity and debt, reflecting a strategic focus on key sectors. Noteworthy investments include major toll roads, utilities, and airports, forming a robust portfolio that underscores IFM's commitment to shaping the UK's infrastructure landscape.

The Australian-owned entity has woven an intricate web of support for UK-based infrastructure and energy transition ventures. This encompasses not only equity investments but also an extensive portfolio of loans, reinforcing IFM Investors' dedication to fostering sustainable and resilient businesses in the UK.

As IFM continues to deepen its roots in the UK, its multifaceted approach signifies a dynamic engagement with the local economy. The alliance with the UK aligns with IFM Investors' overarching strategy to contribute to the vitality and growth of the regions it invests in. In an era of evolving global financial landscapes, IFM Investors' sustained commitment to the UK market stands as a testament to the enduring partnerships forged between Australian super funds and the economic development of the United Kingdom.

"In Conclusion: IFM Investors' Enduring Commitment to UK Growth"

As IFM Investors, backed by a coalition of 19 Australian pension funds, continues to solidify its presence in the UK, a narrative of sustained commitment and strategic engagement unfolds. Since establishing its London office in 2006, IFM has not merely invested; it has woven a tapestry of support across the UK's infrastructure landscape.

The multifaceted approach, spanning equity and debt investments in toll roads, utilities, airports, and extensive loans to local businesses, reflects a dynamic commitment to shaping the future of the UK's economic and energy transition landscape. IFM's alliance with the UK is not just a financial venture; it's a partnership that resonates with a dedication to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the regions it invests in.

As the world grapples with evolving financial paradigms, IFM Investors' sustained commitment to the UK market serves as a testament to the enduring partnerships forged between Australian super funds and the economic development of the United Kingdom. In this narrative of growth and collaboration, IFM Investors stands as a beacon, navigating the intricate paths of global investment with a focus on long-term prosperity and shared success between nations.